NEW Treasure Detector: OKM Delta Ranger

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OKM is proud to introduce our new treasure detector OKM Delta Ranger.

The handheld detector with smartphone app and exchangeable probes is intended for treasure hunting and void detection:

With the long-range modes, users can detect treasures in a range of several miles. The additional thermographic modes allow treasure hunters to locate hidden tunnels and burial chambers behind walls. And last, but not least, OKM's renowned ground scan technology can detect treasures down to 60 ft (18 m) depth.


Delta Ranger at a Glance

  • Lightweight and compact – perfect for traveling
  • 6 Operating modes – including long-range, thermographic* and ground scan*
  • Renowned OKM technology
  • Powerful depth performance*
  • Intuitive operation via Android Smartphone App
  • Simple menu navigation in 14 languages
  • Compass
  • Direct feedback: sound, vibration and visualization
  • Basic object discrimination*


    Delta Ranger Operating Modes

    • Bionic Stream– OKM's long-range mode to detect freshly hidden gold treasures.
    • Ionic Stream– OKM's long-range mode to detect long-time buried gold.
    • Magnetometer *– OKM's fast detection technology for the preparation and optimization of 3D Ground Scans.
    • 3D Ground Scan * – OKM's renowned 3D imaging detection technology reaching down to 60 ft (18 m) depth.
    • Thermo Scan* – OKM's thermographic mode to map hidden tunnels and rooms behind walls and in the underground.
    • Thermo Stream * – OKM's real-time thermographic mode to detect hidden caves and tombs behind walls and in the underground.

      Available in two (2) variants:


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