Measure Depth of Target with Nokta Invenio-Destination Gold Detectors

Measure Depth of Target with Nokta Invenio

IPTU Sensor / Calibrating The Nokta  Invenio Imaging Smart Detector

To Display Accurate Depth, Shapes and Dimensions


Correct usage of the IPTU Sensor is critical in terms of the device's performance, to accurately process the shapes, depth, and dimensions of targets and display them on screen. The sensor must calculate its height and angle to be able to provide accurate data. 


You must calibrate the IPTU sensor upon startup.

To calibrate, place the search coil at a flat surface, adjust the search coil angle so that it's parallel to the ground, and lean it against a fixed object, such as a tree, rock or wall. If there is no place to lean it against, hold it stable. 


Press the Settings button and select "Calibrate The Sensor". The message "Please place the coil on a flat surface as shown in the figure, and press OK" will show on the screen.


Press the OK button. You will see the message "Calibrating the sensor... Please wait." 


Once it's complete, it will automatically revert to the selected modes detection screen. 


Nokta Invenio set-up, to accurately measure the depth of the target.

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