Introducing ROTHCO Outdoor Gear!-Destination Gold Detectors

Introducing ROTHCO Outdoor Gear!

So, you finally got your hands on your favorite new detector and maybe you are ready to head to the beach or neighborhood park to give it a run, great! But, what happens when you are planing to take it a step further? Let's say you go out into gold country and to where no man has ever detected before. Well, we thought of this and that is one very good reason for us to introduce you to the well renowned brand, ROTHCO, the world's foremost supplier of Outdoor Gear and Clothing! You can now find ROTHCO Outdoor Gear and Clothing right here at Destination Gold Detectors. :D

Get prepared for your next Gold Detecting Adventure with Rothco Outdoor Clothing and Gear! 

We want you to show up prepared, for your detecting adventure, and we want to make this easy for you, no more store hopping necessary, everything is now in one place!

Stay tuned, we will soon be offering great discounts when purchasing several items at once. We think stocking up should make sense financially also. :)

If you are all about outdoor adventure and like style, we do not see a reason to shop anywhere else. Our ROTHCO's assortment is both extensive and of outmost quality, functionality and, class. 

Check out our new ROTHCO Collection and keep your eyes open as we are in the process of adding new exciting ROTHCO gear daily!

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