Hiding Gold & Finding Gold-Destination Gold Detectors

Hiding Gold & Finding Gold

Hiding Gold & Finding Gold


Bloomberg is reporting Friday, how secret Alpine Gold Vaults Are the New Swiss Bank Accounts.


As the monetary flow in the world is being more regulated, the storage of gold assets, in Switzerland is still flying under the radar, and so, not surprisingly, many are allocating portions of their assets into a gold, and than storing it / "hiding" it in Swiss Gold Vaults.


In the meantime there is a trend of "hiding" gold,  we see another trend in searching for gold.  The Demand on Metal (Gold ) Detectors is continuing upwards.


So for anyone wishing they had gold to hide, we, here at Destination Gold Detectors say, Go search for it! We also think getting a metal detector is a great way to get started!


Happy Treasure Hunting, Destination Gold Detectors

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