Klayzer GR Pro Metal Detector

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 Long Range Locator


Best Price Guarantee

- 3 Years Warranty

- Made in Germany


Klayzer GR Pro Detector and Long Range Locator is unique of its kind and uses five different systems to find gold, metals, and different treasures from the earth’s soil. The device works in all kinds of terrain even through basalt and metallic rocks.

The device uses the most efficient systems using high-frequency wave technologies that can penetrate up to a depth of 20 meters and a front ahead detection technology for up to 2 kilometers.


Accessories Included

  • 3 Search Coils (Big: 44x44cm; Medium: 30x30cm; Small: 18x18cm)
  • Telescopic Handles
  • Screen
  • Brass Handles
  • Headphones
  • Device Charger


Klayzer Gr Pro uses 5 detection systems

  • Single-person field scanning system.
  • Double person field scanning system.
  • Deep search and scan for spaces and metals systems.
  • Superficial scanning system.
  • Pinpointer scanning system.


Single Person Field Scanning System

This system is a great system to accurately locate targets and determine their position remotely. It can also scan wide areas in short times while decreasing the search area as possible. It also has an ionic separation feature for metals.

This system uses cutting-edge technologies and high-frequency waves that can pass through the soil layers up to 20 meters in depth and a front ahead detection technology for up to 2 kilometers.

This system can be used by only one person by using the search handle. Copper antennas are attached from the front, then you hold the handle with both right and left hands. Each handle is connected from its end with a cable to the motherboard. This system is far more efficient than other scanning systems in its class and used when searching in wide areas.


The device has the following detection programs:

Gold 5.2 kHz.
Silver 8.7 kHz.
Bronze 11 kHz.
Copper 11.9 kHz.
Iron 19 kHz.
Spaces 700 Hz.


The Secret Space Feature

Klayzer Gr Pro handles have space where you can put a small part of the metal you are searching for in it. This supports the frequency of detection a lot.

This feature is not activated by default and left to the user preferences. The device already offers great accuracy using a mix between frequencies and search handles.

Double Person Field Scanning System

This mode allows you to use the device easily in tough weather conditions and harsh environments such as mountains. Thanks to the opposing double person feature, the user can operate with the least amount of errors possible due to winds or the user's lack of experience.

This system is designed to be used by two opposing users at the same time by using a group of copper handles with two rods for each person at its end. One of the users holds the handles with ports at its end to connect it to the motherboard of the device.

The other two handles have no ports and are held by the other user opposingly and the ends of the rods are connected.


Deep Search and Scan For Spaces and Metals Systems

This system is super easy to use with accurate results and efficiency in finding gold, crude gold, metals, and old coins in a depth of 3 meters under the ground.

This system can identify valuable metals from the cheap ones and spaces with great accuracy in location and depth.

How Does It Work?

After adjusting the manual calibration of the ground, the search operation starts by raising the search disc for 2 cm over the ground and moving it lightly for right and left parallel to the earth’s surface.

When the device finds a signal for metal or space, the device displays the type of metal found or space. After that, the user can detect the depth of the object in centimeters.

To prevent losing the small and deep treasures you need to move the search disk from right to left and left to right over the search areas slowly.


Superficial Scanning System 

This system is perfect to search for metals, old coins, and gold that are superficial in soil and not deeper than one meter. The Klayzer Gr Pro is calibrated with the ground through the automatic settings. In this way, the gold seekers ensure to find gold with high efficiency in all difficult terrains.

The Klayzer Max directly offers the results on the 2D screen with the ability to discriminate between four different types of targets: gold, precious metals, space, and iron.

The search discs specified for this system can work underwater in a depth of up to one meter. This gives you the ability to easily detect treasures in the banks of rivers and beaches. This allows you to transfer your activity between water and soil easily and to work with all humid environments without problems.

In this system, Klayzer Gr Pro allows you to find great and perfect performance and to determine the depth in centimeters.


Pinpointer Scanning System

In this feature, Klayzer Gr Pro steps ahead of all of its competitors in its class in terms of depth and easy handling of the device. Using the Pinpointer system in the device, the user can detect all metals with high sensitivity.

The search disc specified to this system can work underwater and dive for more than one meter in the banks of rivers and beaches. This also allows you to change between water and land easily and work in all humid environments without suffering.


  • VLF 3m LRL 20m Depth
  • VLF/LRL Search Systems
  • Easy to Use
  • 7 Hours Working Battery
  • Automatic Calibration
  • Operates in 6 Languages


    • Klayzer Gr Pro is a fully automatic 2D video detector which can use different five systems for detection giving you audio and visual info.
    • It can work in different terrains and the most difficult weather conditions without being affected by all types of dust and pollutants.
    • It works with the highest efficiency and accuracy in metallic and rocky soils using a metal detection system.
    • Automatic calibration and soil settings.
    • You have the option to search for different metals you want in the search mode. For example, if you want to search for gold only you can choose only gold from the menu.
    • Klayzer Gr Pro can differentiate between gold, precious metals, spaces, iron, and metal differentiation.
    • The device can work in six different languages (German, English, French, Spanish, Arabic).
    • In Klayzer Gr Pro you can choose the space mode and discover secret crypts and rooms under the ground.
    • The device contains 3 search discs that give you the ability to work at different depths. You can use two of these discs underwater.
    • Depth measurement: the device can measure depths accurately in centimeters.
    • Klayzer Gr Pro contains LED illumination on the screen so you can work in dark environments.


      Item Details

      Device name  Klayzer Gr Pro
      Manufacturing company Klayzer Technology
      Search system VLF and long rang locater
      Search Range 2000 meters.
      Depth 20 meters
      Guarantee 3 Years
      Country of origin Germany
      Scanning Irl and VLF system
      Search programs different 7 search programs (gold, silver, bronze, copper, iron, space) with differentiation
      Soil calibration automatic
      Iron insulation available
      Waterproof available for 2 discs with one-meter depth
      Sensitivity adjustment from 1 to 9
      Depth measurement available and measured in centimeters
      Operating system converting inputs and signals to audio and visual output
      Processing type multiple
      Screen type 2D colored screen
      Length of searching arm Adjustable from 63 to 150 centimeters
      Searching discs 3 of different sizes, small (18x18cm), medium (30x30cm), and large (44x44cm)
      Main battery 12 volts, 1.5 amperes
      Power consumption 300 milliamperes
      Battery durability 7 working hours
      Audio High-Quality sounds
      Vibration Yes, optional
      Languages Multilingual with 6 different languages
      Total weight in the package 5 KG
      Operation temperature From 10 °C to 60°C
      Storage temperature From 10 °C to 80 °C
      Humidity It can be operated and stored at 100% humidity levels


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