Detector de metais Garrett GTI 2500

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With Graphic Target Imaging 

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 GTI 2500

With Treasure Vision

Would you like to dig more treasure than trash? Fair enough many of us love the digging,  after all, it truly does associate with the discovery. However using that muscle every time it beeps may start making less sense when there is more trash than treasure, don't you think? Many of us still do not feel comfortable with the idea that the object we decided not to unearth might have been something of value. Something that we did not want to leave behind. The great news is that Garrett decided to solve this problem. Garrett created its very own technology, Graphic Target Imaging GTI, and Treasure Vision, and put the features into Garrett GTI 2500 Metal Detector.  Garrett GTI allows us to get sight of the find as soon as we hear that beep. On the control house display, we can view both target size and target depth, which in turn allows us to make a more calculated judgment of what lays underneath. In summary, with Garrett GTI 2500 Metal Detector you will be able to view target depth and size on your display screen. We believe that you will be one of many, who fall in love with their GTI 2500.


  • 9.5" PROformance™ Imaging submersible searchcoil
  • Instructional GTI 2500 DVD.

 Highly Recommended For:

  •  Coin Hunting
  • Jewelry Hunting
  • Relic Hunting
  • Cache Hunting
  • Prospecting
  • Ghost Town Hunting
  • Dry Beach/Fresh Water Hunting

Recommended For: 

  • Competition Events
  • Surf Hunting

 Key Features:

  • Graphic Target Imaging™ (GTI) shows true target size and depth.
    Watch "Imaging by Garrett" video

  • Graphic Target Analyzer™ (GTA) identifies the target's conductivity

  • True Digital Signal Processor™ (DSP) improves discrimination accuracy

  • ScanTrack™ optimizes treasure signals based on search coil swing speed

  • Ground Balance: automatic and also manually adjustable

  • All Metal, Non-Motion Deepseeking Mode: allows hovering over the target

  • User-adjustable Volume, Threshold, Tone, Sensitivity, Discrimination

  • Salt Elimination Aid: eliminate interference caused by wetted salt at the beach

  • Hip Mount Battery Pack: reduces detector weight for long searches

  • FastTrack™ Ground Balance for use in All Metal Mode

  • Surface Elimination: adjustable search aid ignores shallow, undesired items

  • LCD Backlight: to illuminate LCD screen for improved visibility

  • External Speaker and Headphone Jack: quarter-inch (1/4") size

  • Coin Alert Belltone Audio™: Garrett sound for high conductivity targets

  • Last Mode Switching: switch from All-Metal into last-used discrim. mode

Owner's Manuals:





Target ID Cursor Segments   24
Iron Discrimination Segments   3
Accept/Reject Discrimination   Yes
Search Modes   5 (plus Imaging/Pinpoint)
Sensitivity/Depth Adjustments   24
Electronic Pinpointing   YES, with size/depth display
Frequency   7.2 kHz, user-adjustable
Audio Tone ID Levels   3
Standard Searchcoil   9.5" PROformance™ Imaging
Length (Adjustable)   40" to 51" (1.01m - 1.29m)
Total Weight   4.6 lbs. (2.1 kgs.)
Batteries   8 AA (included)
Battery Condition Indicator
Warranty   2 Year, Limited Parts/Labor


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