Sand Scoop Beach - Jim Dandy 10"-Destination Gold Detectors

Sand Scoop Beach - Jim Dandy 10"

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Zinc Plated Steel

  • Need a tool that will dig through beach sand, including wet sand?
  • Need to grab targets quickly from the sand, to beat the surf, while standing?
  • Need to dig deep targets quickly?

Look no further as this is why God invented our JIM DANDY zinc plated steel beach scoops.

  • A precision stamped steel basket goes through sand like the scoop had no bottom, while the steel mesh captures even the smallest coins or jewelry.
  • Quick target recovery means more treasure and stand up recovery means less fatigue. 
  • The recovery baskets are made of 18 gauge cold rolled steel, are 5 inches in diameter, and 9 inches long.


  • Material: 18 gauge cold rolled steel
  • Size: 5 inches diameter, 9 inches long