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Makro Jeohunter 3D Basic System Metal Detector

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Makro Jeohunter 3D Basic System

Jeohunter Basic System vs. Jeohunter Dual System

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The Makro Jeohunter  3D Basic System features the most advanced graphic imaging system available on the market. The Makro Jeohunter 3D Basic System metal detector is easy to use for beginners and professionals alike, thanks to its very intuitive interface.

Package Contents

1. Jeohunter 3D System Box
2. DD Search Coil 44x36 cm (T44) & Shaft
3. System Box Leather Carrying Bag
4.  AC Charger
5. Car Charger
6. Lithium Polimer Battery
7. Headphones
8. User Manual, Warranty Certificate & DVD


  T44 Search Coil T100 Search Coil
Stem Lenght 90-150cm (35"x59")
Weight 2600 gr 8450 gr
Search Coil DD Search Coil 44x36 cm (T44) DD Search Coil 100x60 cm (T100)
Audio Output 2W 2W
Headphone Output Adapter + Headphones Adapter + Headphones
Transmission Sinusoidal Wave Sinusoidal Wave
Frequency 12 - 13 kHz 12 - 13 kHz
Operating System VLF VLF
Metal Discrimination Non Ferrous / Ferrous / Gold + Steel + Cavity Non Ferrous / Ferrous / Gold + Steel + Cavity
Election of Ferrous Yes Yes
Depth Detection Yes (3D Graphics) Yes (3D Graphics)
Audio Tones Polyphonic Polyphonic
Ground Balance Manuel Manuel
Sensitivity Adjustment Manual Manual
Noise Canceling Automatic Automatic
Threshold Automatic Automatic
Battery Gauge Yes Yes
Battery Lithium Polimer Battery Lithium Polimer Battery
Battery Life 4 Hours 4 Hours
Warranty 2 Years 2 Years




    Jeohunter Basic is a detector system which is produced with the cutting-edge technologyand is capable of performing the most advanced metal and cavity detection in the world. Jeohunter Basic which is classified as deep detector inspects the metal targets detected under the ground in four groups as Gold, Non-ferrous, Ferrous and Steel. Besides its success in metal detection and evaluation, thanks to its cavity detection feature, it notifies its user about the structures like graves, cellars, tunnels and caves in real time during the searching. Jeohunter Basic which enables drawing the 3D signal graphics of the targets detected under the ground in real time is the most advanced one among the video systems.

    With its multi function searching and detection features Jeohunter Basic, ensures its users to search and investigate in very dense and mineral environments on the stiffest surface structures. The main features which seperate it from other detectors are a special interface design offering an easy usage to amateur and professional users and practical searching screen. Having a unique deepness and perfect metal discrimination, this system is capable of very sensitively delivering target signal deepness value. Jeohunter Basic informs the user about the deepness of the target under the ground in terms of 'cm', whether the target is a metal or a cavity, is large or small. Jeohunter Basic responds to your all searching and investigating needs in the field with its two different searchcoils. You will enjoy the comfort of having 2 detectors at the same time as you purchase Jeohunter Basic. You will experience the excitement of searching in the deep areas for old metals which have not been explored by anyone before with Optional Deep Searchcoil which has a dimension of 60 x 100 cm; General Searchcoil which has a dimension of 36 x 44 cm.


    Jeosystem products (Jeohunter, Jeoscan) are equipped with the latest technology. The ossiloscope utility on the display screen transforms the target signals it receives from the ground into real time graphics, thus it provides information to the user about the shape of the target. With this feature, the user may understand the shape of the target without excavation. By means of the software which is capable of establishing signal-shape relation, Jeosystem has a very important privilage which is not present in other detectors. You will find all the information you expect from a detetctor and more of that, in our Jesosystem series detectors. Technology is waiting for you.

    You can easily scan and detect the targets in wide and deep fields with Optional Deep searchcoil which has a dimension of 100 x 60 cm and which is specially designed for deeper areas. Deep Searchcoil which has a very comfortable and practical usage is produced for you to get perfect results even in ground structures with the richest minerals without wasting time with ferrous metal wastes like bottle caps and nails. Its outstanding metal discrimination capability is the most important point which seperates it from other big searchcoils. You will detect the cavities as well as the metals with its Deep Searchcoil which seperates the metals in four groups as Gold, Non-ferrous, Ferrous and Steel and which deliver the percentage information of the metals which are together. You can visually detect the targets which you will not be able to detetct with other devices, such as, cellars, tunnels and caves, with its unique 3D feature.

    Destination Gold Detectors *Best Price Guarantee: In the unlikely event that you find a better deal than ours, let us know, and we will adjust accordingly. 

    * Price must be for a new detector, sold by an US autorized Nokta Makro Dealer.


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