XP ORX's 1st Holiday Special - 2021

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Available Now!

With MI6 Pointer Included 

( Saving of $148

XP ORX Holiday Deal


XP ORX First 2021 Holiday Deal - Shop Now

Last week 6 Nokta Holiday Specials became available. Now XP released their first XP ORX seasonal deal.

XP ORX Metal Detector 9" X35 Coil & RC W/ MI-6 Pointer, for ONLY $40 extra. That is a steep saving since the MI-6 Pointer separate cost would have been $159.

These ORX specials fly off the shelves...so if you've been eyeing this ORX combo you may want to jump on that pedal. 

Always remember that we have a handful of advantageous and very advantageous BUY NOW PAY LATER options available to choose from.

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