Bitcoin Payments

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Bitcoin and altcoin payments are now accepted!

Here at Destination Gold Detectors, we always look for opportunities to innovate and grow, that's why we opted to add cryptocurrency as one of our payment option which instantly converts your payment into the currency you choose.



Bitcoin, or as often described as a cryptocurrency or a virtual currency, is a type of money that is completely virtual. It is primarily a computer file which is stored in a Digital Wallet app on your smartphone or computer. Each and every single transaction is recorded in a public list called the blockchain so you can be assured that it is secure. It's like the online version of cash!

If you're new to Bitcoin, you might want to check the link below.

Get Started with Bitcoin!


Altcoins or "alternative coins" is a term used to describe all cryptocurrencies other than Bitcoin. They are more advanced since they came out after Bitcoin so you're looking at an improved technology. In terms of costs and transaction speeds, many Altcoins are far superior to Bitcoin. Don't get Bitcoin wrong though! They are still the market leader which has already gained substantial value.


Coinbase Commerce allows us to accept digital currency payments safely and securely. They comprise on-chain payments, which removes the possibility of any fraudulent transactions so you can be worry-free. Should you wish to utilize this option, Coinbase Commerce will help you and monitor the blockchain for your transaction.

You may check the Coinbase Commerce Privacy Policy for reference.




How Can I Checkout Using Bitcoin or other Altcoins? Easy! Here's a step-by-step procedure you can follow.

  • At the checkout page, continue filling out your information and select Continue to Shipping.
  • Click Continue to Payment.
  • At the Payment page, select Coinbase Commerce and click on Complete Order.

You will then be redirected to the Coinbase Commerce page in order to complete your purchase securely. After selecting your cryptocurrency, you can continue with the payment by scanning the QR code which will be provided.


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