Updates Available: eXp 6000 V2.3 + Visualizer 3D Studio V3.0.15

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Update your Visualizer 3D Studio software to Version 3.0.15 and get:

  • Integration of new Rover UC functionalities
  • Optimized sound output for Fusion Pro and Fusion Pro Plus
  • Updated documentation (English)
  • Updated translations
  • Fixed initial scan view orientation
  • Fixed connection issue for Bluetooth LE devices




Get your eXp 6000 update here!


Update your eXp 6000 to Version 2.3 and benefit from:

  • Improved recording of scan values (processing and filtering of data)
  • Optimized visual representation of 3D Ground Scans


All devices ordered after May 4th 2022 already include the latest updates!

Your eXp 6000 does not have firmware version 2.3 yet? Get the latest update to achieve best scan results with your 3D ground scanner:


Get your eXp 6000 update here!


You don't know the firmware version of your eXp 6000?

  1. Power on your eXp 6000 Control Unit.
  2. Tap on the Info icon in the lower right corner.
  3. View the details about your eXp 6000 Control Unit: S/N and Firmware.


eXp 6000 Professional             eXp 6000 Professional Plus

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