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Accepting Three New Cryptocurrency Coins!

Hey, Crypto users! We're pleased to announce that we are now accepting three new additions to our Altcoin payment options! Tether, ApeCoin, and Shiba Inu can now be selected during checking out!


Here's a refresher on what's already available on Coinbase Commerce:
Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, USD Coin, Litecoin, Dai, Bitcoin Cash, and now Tether, ApeCoin, & Shiba Inu.



As you've already known, there are a few ways to purchase our goods here at Destination Gold Detectors. One of them is by using your favorite Crypto Wallet, or Coinbase account. Bitcoin and/or other cryptocurrencies are now accepted in exchange for any of our detectors.

Do you know what's great with Coinbase? It is easy to use and get started with, which can be helpful for all who are not savvy with more self-managed crypto wallets. It has a high level of security for your wallet transactions, exceptional speed of transaction, a user-friendly interface, immediate release of payments, and it's easy to create an account! 

Do not have a Coinbase account, but would like to sign up for one today? You may do so here. For a limited time, you will receive a complimentary $10 in Bitcoin upon signing up for Coinbase.

Here's a guide on how to select Bitcoin or Altcoin during checkout, you may follow the steps below.

  • At the checkout page, continue filling out your information and select Continue to Shipping.
  • Click Continue to Payment.
  • At the Payment page, select Coinbase Commerce and click on Complete Order.

You will then be redirected to the Coinbase Commerce page to complete your purchase securely. After selecting your cryptocurrency, you can continue with the payment by scanning the QR code which will be provided.

If you're not yet familiar with our Bitcoin and Altcoin options, you may check our previous article here. BITCOIN AND ALTCOIN PAYMENTS ARE NOW ACCEPTED!




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